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Oxycheck is an Australian company with expertise in all aspects of oxygen systems, particularly in relation to the compatibility of materials in oxygen-enriched atmospheres. Dr Ted Steinberg, Managing Director of OXYCHECK, is a recognised expert in many areas of materials compatibility in oxygen-enriched (oxidising) atmospheres and material flammability.

OXYCHECK Engineering Manager, Chris Dobinson, has worked closely with Dr. Steinberg in the area of metallic material flammability since 2010.  OXYCHECK personnel are active with many international standards and safety organisations, ensuring that the most up-to-date and relevant information, practices and data are incorporated into the ongoing design, development, production and delivery of components.


The need for a range of unique and improved oxygen system flow control valves was identified through the investigation of several significant fires that started within the flow control components of various industrial, medical and aircraft oxygen systems.  A thorough evaluation of commercially available oxygen control valves subsequently identified that no products offered both suitable performance and non-flammability.  OXYCHECK then began development of a range of control valves that was to contain no flammable metals, no non-metals and no lubricants without sacrificing functionality, endurance or performance.  This development process has provided the inherent safety and excellent performance that make OXYCHECK flow control components unique.

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