OXYCHECK Applications

http://oxycheck.com.au/userfiles/apps1.jpgAviation (Civilian and Defence)

When it comes to ensuring the safety of aircrew and passengers, along with protecting high-value aircraft/assets and completing critical missions, OXYCHECK flow control components offer the highest level of performance and safety.  Proven in use under conditions of vibration and temperature extremes, OXYCHECK's robust components are superbly suited to aviation applications:


 Crew support

 Ground support equipment 
 Removable/in-place systems 

Medical/Life Support

OXYCHECK flow control components meet stringent cleanliness standards and contain no fluorinated materials, making them especially well suited to life support systems.  They represent an extremely safe and cost-effective solution for critical, bio-medical applications including:

 Hospital systemshttp://oxycheck.com.au/userfiles/apps2.jpg

 SCUBA/charge systems 
 Hyperbaric applications 
 Home health care systems 
 Emergency medical systems and services 
 Valve Integrated Pressure Regulator (VIPR)
  and Integrated Valve Regulator (IVR)


OXYCHECK has a wide range of robust, reliable and competitively priced check valves and pressure relief valves that are well suited for any new or existing industrial systems including:


 High/low pressure systems 
 Mining/energy/petrochemical systems 
 Reticulation systems with/without manifolds 
 Oxygen compressor valves (tailored to compressor) 
 Replace/retrofit in-line check valves and pressure relief valves




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