Technical Information


Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)

  - variable up to 10,000 psia / 69 MPa / 690 bar 

Burst pressure - 1.5 to 2.5 MAWP 

Check valve cracking pressure - 15 -30 psi 
Pressure relief valve set pressure up to 3,000 psia / 20 MPa / 200 bar 

Exceptional endurance and lifetime 

Reverse leak rates typically < 0.1 scc/min

Extreme Conditions

Proven performance over temperature range
  -57C  to 95C

Proven operation in severe aviation vibration environment

Proven operation  in oxidising atmospheres

 Oxygen Compatibility

All parts cleaned in three-stage ultrasonic cleaning process to military
  specifications (NVR <mg/m2, <  3 mg/ft2)

All components supplied oxygen clean and double-bagged

Materials: Brass, Nickel 200TM, Monel k-500TM, ceramic - all metals non-flammable in pure oxygen
  at pressures ≥  10,000 psia / 69 MPa / 690 bar according to flammability text standard ASTM G 124

Filtration: 7 micron (nominal), sintered bronze filter (if required)

No non-metallic materials or lubricants

Customer Satisfaction

OXYCHECK flow control components are designed with your applications in mind.  OXYCHECK products are highly compatible with existing systems and can be easily retrofitted.  So whether you're setting up a new system or performing routine maintenance, upgrade to an OXYCHECK component.


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